Jewell Trigger 10/22 Fits Ruger Kidd Volquartsen Tactical Solutions Magnum Rease


e-casino Store Jewell Trigger 10/22 Fits Ruger Kidd Volquartsen Tactical Solutions Magnum Rease Up for auction is a drop in trigger assembly for the 10/22 series of rifles. It is 'The Jewell Trigger', manufactured by Arnold Jewell back in the late 1990s. This one was sold to Apple Gate Sports in March of 1999, who then retailed it to me. Trigger is set at 8 ounces from the factory. This is a very, very hard trigger to come by, manufactured by the benchmark of aftermarket trigger producers. I've owned this for well over a decade. I've pinned it up on a receiver before to play with it a bit, but I've never shot with it. I've also never altered any of the adjustments, nor disassembled it. There is actually a warning in the instructions manual that if you take it apart and can't figure out how to put it back together, they'll ding you $35 to do it. You'll see a bit of gooey stuff and a smidge of black electrical tape where I covered the magazine release pin. I used the tape to keep the pin from falling out. I didn't notice it before I took the pictures, but it wiped right off. ONLY DOMESTIC and VERIFIED Paypal will be accepted.  If you are an international buyer, please email me with payment options BEFORE bidding.   Please allow up to THREE Days for shipping. Preferred carrier is USPS. If you require UPS or FedEX, please expect significant (up to 3X) increases in shipping costs. Email me for exact amount. All sales are final, no returns. I do a fantastic job of being fair and honest. You are more than welcome to come test or inspect any auction items before bidding. If you have questions or concerns about the item, please ask for clarification or more pictures.

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