M1 Carbine paratrooper stock (repro)


This item is an Italian reproduction folding "paratrooper" stock for the M1 Carbine. I don't know the exact wood, but it's hardwood, not laminate, probably walnut. This stock has a fold-out wire stock with folding butt plate, leather cheek pad, and a sling swivel slot. It's cut for original M1 Carbines, not the Iver-Johnson or other reproduction models. Those may only fit after some substantial fitting. An original M1 Carbine will drop right in. I used this for my 1943 Rock-Ola/QH, and it worked and fit flawlessly. The stock doesn't lock, just like the original. It clicks into the Open and Closed positions securely, but there's no locking mechanism to arrest the stock in place once it's open. This stock comes without the top handguard, which I lost in a move a while ago. It's in good shape, without any dings or scratches, and the metal is in great condition. The hardware is blued, not parkerized. I can't ship this stock to any jurisdiction where the law prohibits anyone from putting this on their M1, so please don't bid if you live in CA, NJ, NY, or anywhere the use of a folding stock on a semi-auto rifle isn't legal. Check your local laws before bidding.

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