Mosin Nagant 91/30 bolt and parts lot


Up for auction is a lot of Mosin Nagant 91/30 parts. The parts are in good condition and have been stored in gun oil to protect from rusting. The blue on the parts is either missing or very worn. The parts are all from one rifle that I was going to sporterize but never got to do it. The auction comes with the complete bolt assembly, magazine/follower assembly, interrupter/ejector assembly, and trigger/sear assembly, and parts for the stock. For a complete list of all parts include please look at the picture and the list below. What comes in the auction: - Magazine/ trigger guard - Sear/trigger spring - Sear screw - Trigger/bolt stop - Trigger pin - Floorplate latch - Floorplate latch screw - Floorplate - Follower carrier spring - Follower carrier spring screw - Follower carrier pin - Follower carrier - Follower spring - Follower pin - Follower - Ejector - Interrupter/ejector spring - Interrupter/ejector spring screw - Bolt body - Cocking knob/safety - Guide rod/connector - Firing pin - Firing pin spring - Bolt head - Extractor - Nose cap - Nose cap screw - Front barrel band spring - Rear barrel band spring - Front barrel band - Rear barrel band - Stock recoil bolt - Stock recoil bolt nut - Butt plate - Butt plate screw (2) - Magazine tang screw - Receiver tang screw Shipping will be USPS Priority with tracking number. The package size is 10x7x3.5. If you have any question please ask.

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