Mosin Nagant Heavy Barrel

 766031510461399960 Mosin Nagant Heavy Barrel

Ever wanted to build yourself a Heavy Barrel "Match" Mosin Nagant rifle? Here's your chance! You are bidding on a Mosin Nagant Heavy Barrel. This is one of those UK59 barrels that was threaded for a Mosin Nagant action. This barrel is: 24" long 311 caliber Chambered for 7.62x54R Threaded for the Mosin Nagant action Will fit the M91, 91/30, 38, 44 and Com-block Mosin bolt actions like the Chinese type 53. Chrome lined chamber and bore. Already has the extractor cut on it. It's right at 1" diameter at the muzzle and 1.5" at the thickest near the sight cut. This was converted professionally from an original Military Surplus UK59 barrel. Never installed on a Mosin Nagant rifle. Please note that this barrel has some sight cuts and wrench cuts on it. These are original to the barrel. I bought this for a project and never got the chance to put it on. This barrel will need to be professionally installed by a gunsmith to set the headspace and properly time the extractor cut to the action.

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