Remington 513t, 511,511x, 521t, nylon 11, 525 CBC 122,422 magazine, clip


Up for sale is a new, old stock Remington / CBC rifle magazine in .22 lr. This magazine is new right out of the bag of 10. They are all new never used and in perfect condition. These magazines are 10 round mags only. There are no marks or stamps on this item. you are bidding on one (1) They fit the following rifles... Remington: 511, 511x, 513t, 521t, nylon 11, 525 rifles CBC: 122, 422 rifle sears: 282.527740 rifle h&r: 865, 866 rifle CIL: mk7 rifle These are high Quality mags made in Brazil by CBC, CBC was owned by Remington up to 1979, so a lot of parts were interchangeable and the magazines are one of them. I had a gun shop look over the mags and they said they are 10rd mags that fit 500 series rifles. They also took (2) as payment. I took this info did my own reach at home and this is the info I'm posting now. I had one for bid and had so many questions I had to get more info for the new listing. (this is the new listing) thanks brad

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