SGWorks SKS Bullpup Stock

 601711209892674990 SGWorks SKS Bullpup Stock

SKS Bullpup Stock Kit Introducing our new U.S. made SKS BULLPUP STOCK KIT. It is an affordable, effective, defensive stock option, made out of heat stabilized, reinforced polymer with oak and steel barriers and reinforcements. Our bullpup stock kit conversion radically modernizes the SKS rifle. Although the SKS is known for its rugged durability, in its original military configuration, it is too long, front heavy and difficult to quickly reload. Our new SKS bullpup stock kit addresses and corrects those deficiencies as well as provides a number of other characteristics that are very important. I PURCHASED THIS KIT AND HAD TO WAIT FOR OVER A YEAR TO GET IT. THESE KITS ARE VERY POPULAR FOR THE SKS AND THE MANUFACTURER IS HAVING TROUBLE KEEPING UP WITH DEMAND. I AM SELLING MINE BECAUSE I LOST INTEREST IN DOING ONE OF THESE CONVERSIONS. THE KIT IS BRAND NEW NEVER INSTALLED, I PAID 229.00 FOR THE KIT AND THE FRONT RAIL KIT PLUS SHIPPING. I AM GOING TO PUT IT ON HERE FOR 229.00 AS A START PRICE, BECAUSE IT IS HARD TO GET ONE OF THESE AND I DONT WANT TO LOOSE MONEY ON THIS. HERE IS THE LINK TO THE MANUFACTURERS WEB SITE SO YOU CAN LOOK AT THE ITEM AND SEE EXACTLY WHAT YOU WILL BE GETTING.

 601711209892674991 SGWorks SKS Bullpup Stock
 601711209892674992 SGWorks SKS Bullpup Stock
 601711209892674993 SGWorks SKS Bullpup Stock
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