Thompson Center 50 CAL HAWKEN Barrel

 462871208509629970 Thompson Center 50 CAL HAWKEN Barrel

Thompson Center 50 cal Hawken black powder barrel complete just drop in your T/C stock and go. Never FIRED blued barrel everything looks great. It looks like it was never installed on a stock. I called T/C which is now owned by S&W to check on barrel replacement cost and from what I was told is that if you are looking to buy a genuine T/C barrel don't call them because they no longer make replacement barrels, you can still get complete T/C Hawken rifles at around 800.00. So bid and buy this never installed or fired barrel and complete that stock that they practically give away on EBAY and have a T/C 50 cal that would cost 800.00 if you bought new at a fraction of the cost. Not shown but the ramrod that came with the barrel with be included. Due to the high cost for small time Ebayers 4% to the final total cost will be added. Barrel will be shipped within 24hrs after receiving payment insured and delivery receipt and it will be packed with care. Good luck and happy bidding. This is a black powder part and not a firearm..

 462871208509629971 Thompson Center 50 CAL HAWKEN Barrel
 462871208509629972 Thompson Center 50 CAL HAWKEN Barrel
 462871208509629973 Thompson Center 50 CAL HAWKEN Barrel

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