Winchester 43 Rifle Stock Vintage 218 Bee

 243491806112622470 Winchester 43 Rifle Stock Vintage   218 Bee

This is a Winchester model 43 Wood stock and rear stock screw. The stock has been sanded and refinished. About 1" has been shortened at the forearm (front end) total length is 28". The length of pull is still factory correct. The good thing is the internal trigger and barrel channel have not been altered in any way that I can see.. Your 218 Bee barrel will sit in this stock correctly, I don't know about the Hornet barrel. The metal feral for the front stock screw is in place. The Trigger guard is in place and rust free. After market Sling swivels are not loose. Original butt plate also in good shape. I have used this stock in the field and had no problems. There are no cracks, gouges or weak areas on the stock. The wood grain is very nice and pictures do not give it justice, you will not be disappointed. There is glass bedding under the trigger guard but it cannot be seen when guard in place. Rear screw has been filed shorter slightly but threads are fine. Over all this stock is still usable after all these years.

 243491806112622471 Winchester 43 Rifle Stock Vintage   218 Bee
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